Thursday, February 14, 2013

Squeezing Busty Kasumi Boobs When Sleep | Sex Games | Porn Games | Adult Games | Hentai Games

Squeezing Busty Kasumi Boobs When Sleep

Cute Kasumi is fall asleep in your house, it is your chance to play her big busty boobs. try not to wake her or you will lose your chance to make her horny. if kasumi is horny, you will able to fuck her and play her breast as long as you want

click on her boobs until zzz bar full

Little Kitty Girl Forced To Suck Dick | Sex Games | Porn Games | Adult Games | Hentai Games

Little Kitty Girl Forced To Suck Dick

Forced your little kitty girl to suck your dick

choose your action at bar at the top

Friday, February 17, 2012

Deep Throat 2 Sex Games, Porn Games, Adult Games, Hentai Games


This game is sequel of great and famous hentai game, deep throat made by konashion. in this version, you can zoom out the characters and also this version is modable


move your mouse left-right to force your cute girls suck your dick deep inside her throat


Porn Games
Deep Throat 2 Sex Porn Games

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Flash Game Hentai Review - Magic Book: Hentai Element Combination!

Hi all,

let me share my favorite game that i found when searching flash hentai game on the web last night, this game called magic book.. it's about element combination that will create awesome girl/creature.. i play this game until i found all great combination, and some pairs of element create girl/creature that have an action button.. and i love this action button :D

This game contain total 42 combination, here is some screenshoot of this game:

You can play this game here

here is all combination that create girl/creature with action:


Element List
Drekavac = Fire
Leeraal = Cloud
Labasu = Thunder
Jikininki = Wind
Pajuju = Crystal
Sidragasum = Skull
Haagenti = Moon

Combination with action
Drekavac + Jikininki = bigger boobs
Drekavac + Haagenti = Angle
Leeraal + Pajuju = Cleopatra
Labasu + Sidragasum = Police girl
Pajuju + Sidragasum = 2 Girls


Element List
Kabhanda = Water
Marchosias = Plant
Cerberus = Snow
Rohavart = Sun
Furcas = Rock
Nekomata = Tornado
Incubus = Montain

Combination with action
Kabhanda + Cerberus = Bigger better :p
Kabhanda + Incubus = 3 Dark Orc
Cerberus + Rohavart = Centaurs
Rohavart + Furcas = Alien Tentacle
Furcas + Nekomata = Conan

And my favorite combination is: Sidragasum + Haagenti :D

how about you?

Monday, January 30, 2012

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Sex Games | Porn Games | Adult Games |

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